Comfort, Function and Safety – ProOperator

Until now there has been no adequate protection for High Pressure Cleaning or Hydraulic fluid leakage. Nothing that has been adapted to the power of today’s equipment or the users’ demands for comfort and functionality. Our experience from waterjetting with very high pressures (up to 3000 bar), and other personal protective equipment, has been the basis for our new line of clothing.

ProOperator – High Pressure Cleaning and Hydraulics Protection.

The full area of the Apron has built-in protection. Good alternative protection in warm environments. The Apron is equipped with a new, cleverly designed shoulderband which improves the comfort of the operator. Properly adjusted, it distributes the weight extremely good. Easy to put on and take off. Recommended for work on flat sur- faces. Often used in combination with Gloves and Boots. The Apron comes in one size.

Weight 0.7 kg / 1.5 lbs.

Size One size.

Art. No. 5623025

Waterproof glove with protection for up to 500 bar pressure. The glove has a rough, sand patterned surface and the material itself provides lots of friction, all for the best grip on the tools. Generous cuff for easy donning. Supplied with separate inner glove in nylon for good comfort. The glove has also been tested and classified with the highest values in the following cathegories. 5 for cut protection and 4 for abrasion, tear, and puncture. An extra security in harsh environments! Made of materials consisting of nylon and Dyneema® fiber. Outside is dipped in nitrile rubber. Shelf life up to 3 years. Certified in accordance with the CE directive 89/686/EEC and EN 388:2004.

The gloves do not withstand high pressure hydraulic fluid.

Supplied in 12-pack.

Size 8, 10, 11

Art. No. 5600025 5000

Protective boots CE-certified for pressurized liquids and tested for high pressure hydraulic fluid! Waterproof working and protective boots with protection for up to 500 bar / 7500 psi pressure! The boots are profesionally designed for hours and hours of hard work, in harsh environments. Completely vulcanized rubber boots with reinforcement to withstand pressurized liquids on the whole foot. (Black parts.) Also fitted with steel toecap and steels inserts to withstand sharp objects from under. Textile inner lining for good comfort. The sole is designed for good grip and to reduce the risk of slipping. If extra grip is needed, eg in winter, it can be fitted with spikes. The boot shaft can be tightened with an adjustable strap and it has two ”handles” to make the boots easy to put on. Sold in pairs.

Size EUR 36–48 (Size 36–38 on order)

Art. No. 5652025 5000

Mix the TST Grease Remover 1:10 with warm water 40°C/105°F. Apply to the dirty garment surfaces with a brush. Leave for about 20 minutes. If the garments are extremely dirty, use the brush together with lukewarm water on the dirty areas. Rinse with lukewarm water. Let the garment dry in a drying room and reach a temperature of max 60°C/140°F (to reactivate the water and grease protection).

Size 0.5 litre.

Art. No. 5092000 5010

Product Features:

  • Nonionic surfactants >30%
  • Solubilising agents (alkane diol)
  • Greying inhibitors <5%
  • PH7.3
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes Product temperature of less than 15°C/60°F may impair proper function
  • Do not store below 15°C/60°F