Torus 130

Badger pipe cleaning tools negotiate 2 inch sweeping elbows utilizing our patented high speed, liquid bearing technology. These tools are designed for:

  • Cleaning small pipes from 2 in. to 4 in.
  • Unplugging and clearing pipes with multiple bends
  • Cleaning vertical and horizontal piping
  • Especially useful for industries such as oil refineries, aluminum plants, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production
  • Small entry diameter enables access to more tanks and vessels
  • If the arms hit an internal obstruction while in operation, the Torus 130 simply stops rotating without damaging the gear mechanism
  • Minimal pressure loss which provides more power delivery than other tools on the market
  • Interchangeable manifolds and couplings allow the operator to use the 130 on different pumps ranging from 10k psi (700 bar) to 20k psi (1500 bar)
  • Wide range of accessories available including positioning devices, cage centralizers and extensions help adapt the Torus 130 to specific needs and jobs