TempTech Cooling Vests

WHY COOLING VEST? You need to reduce the risk for heat stress, and you want to feel good!

DURATION? Lasts for 90 minutes in a 60°C/140°F environment, at for example smoke diving, or 4 hours at 45°C/113°F normal work.

RE-CHARGE? Re-charges in 4 hours in room temperature (20°C/68°F). Without external energy! (Faster if colder.)

WHAT ABOUT THE ELEMENTS? Consist of a non toxic, non flammable blend of salts which is known to be the most effective ingredients for this temperature range. Can be used and re-charged over and over again. Guaranteed for 1000 cycles, if properly maintained.


Being in the Comfort Zone means that you maintain a body tem- perature that lets you feel good and perform at your best. Above the zone you suffer from dehydration, you take wrong decisions, you may throw up – HEATSTRESS!

Recovering from heatstress can take up to 24 hours!

When your body is regulating temperature, you sweat. The body fluid depots empties gradually and if you lose about 2 or 3% of your weight in liquid, you lose around 20 or 30% of your perfor- mance! Even with optimal fluid intake, recovery from such a loss takes between 6 to 9 hours.

A Cooling Vest will keep you in the comfort zone for longer time!


Through our unique concept – using TEMPTECH elements with a 28°C transition temperature – we utilize this fact of nature to store energy, and absorb excessive heat. Every-body knows that ice melts at temperatures above 0°C but not everybody knows that the moment of transition from solid to liquid uses up to 50 times more energy compared to a rise of 1°C when an object already is in either liquid or solid condition.

The TEMPTECH element recharges in normal room tempe- rature (20°) in about 4 hours – faster if in a cooler environ- ment – and is guaranteed to last more than 1000 cycles.

Cooling Vest Ultra has 21 or 17 TEMPTECH elements that provide effective heat absorption. The Vest is made of a polypropylene fabric which powerful moisture management transfer up to 40 times more moisture, compared to standard polyester. It also dries up to three times faster than similar fabrics. High elasticity provi- des comfort and a snug fit against the body increasing moisture wicking. This is the most advanced vest with lots of features sup- porting function and comfort. There are adjustable elastics at the sides, for excellent fit. Special extensions at the sides makes the big Vest further adaptable to fit exactly to different bodies. (See sizes below.) Permanent TermoFresh antibacterial treatment keeps the garment odour-free. Recommended to use tight to the body, with a functional T-shirt between, and a covering garment on top. The Vest suits both men and women.

Weight approx. 2.1 and 1.7 kg.

Size Men’s XS/M for chest width 80-108 cm (back length 52 cm, 17 elements)

Product no. 3050P02818

Size Men’s L/2XL for chest width 102-128 cm (back length 62 cm, 21 elements)

Product no. 3050P02825

Cooling Vest Multi has 20 TEMPTECH elements that provide effective heat absorption. This vest is used in many industrial app- lications. Also available in flame retardant material, if that is man- datory. Recommended to use tight to the body, with a functional T-shirt between, and a covering garment on top.

Weight 2.1 kg.

Size S/M–4XL/5XL

Product no. 3010P028xx (xx=size)

Cooling Vest Flexi is designed to be smooth and easy to put on. It closes with velcros at the shoulders and sides. The Flexi vest has 16 TEMPTECH elements that absorb excessive heat. Also available in fire-resistant Nomex material. Recommended to use tight to the body, with a functional T-shirt between, and a covering garment on top.

Weight 1.6 kg.

Size One size – men’s XS-XL

Product no. 3000P02801