Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3XLTC)

Portable, affordable, safe and easy to assemble are just some of the main characteristics of our new tube cleaning equipment: The Peinemann Triple Lance Tube Cleaner. Made from high quality materials we managed to manufacture equipment that will have improved cleaning capabilities at a relatively small investment. The added benefit is that the whole structure is portable modular, easy to dismantle and it can be used in conjunction with a medium size High Pressure pump. The remote control will increase safety as the operator will be operating the tube cleaning equipment from a safe working distance.

The Triple Lance Cleaners are controlled via remote control keeping the operator away from the danger. Hose catchers that are fitted to the equipment preventing the hose coming out of the machine. At the other end of the flex hose you can fit a stopper which limits the length of hose to be fed down the tubes.

The Peinemann Triple Lance Cleaners have the capabilities of cleaning both vertical and horizontal bundles at difficult to reach locations in combination with a medium size HP pump. The whole construction is still portable and can be positioned at difficult to reach areas. Various sizes of flexible lances can be used with the same standard track.

Cleaning with 3 flex lances at one time. Cleaning is done twice. The nozzle travels in and out of the tube under pressure. Thanks to the constant speed of the nozzle going in and out no contamination or fouling will remian behind.

The 3xltc and the flexframe are equipped with the same air motors so they are interchangeable with each other. The tracks of the 3 xltc can handle almost all commonly used hose sizes withhout changing the tracks!

Suitable hoze sizes: {OD} 6 mm – 15 mm (.236″ – .590″)
Type of hoze possibilities: 4/2, 5/2, 6/2, 8/2, 8/4.