Top comfort, High flexibility, New certification

Trousers, jackets, waistcoats and overalls that offer maximum protection for your water jetting needs.

The Trousers are fitted with front protection up to the waist. The zips on the outside of the legs are protected by a sealing velcro flap. Wide, adjustable braces with stretch in the back. Elastic part in the rear waist and adjustable band in the sides for maximum comfort and perfect fit. Trousers are very popular among workers who move a lot, climb or crawl. Can be ordered with optional ventilation. Preferably used in combination with Waistcoat or Jacket, Hand Protections, Gaiters or Boots 3000.

Weight 2.4 kg / 5.3 lbs. (Trousers 20/30, L/XL).

Size S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL.

Art. No. Optional Ventilation 5198000 5030


The Jacket provides effective full front protection as well as around the neck and shoulders. It also has integrated Hand Protection. Ideally combined with Trousers and Gaiters or Boots 3000 for maximum protection.

Weight 2.4 kg / 5.3 lbs. (Jacket 20/30 Model 5080, L/XL).

Size S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL.


The Waistcoat offers effective protection and optimal comfort. Various sizes possible by using the velcro fasteners at the waist and back. The Waistcoat is often used in combination with Hand Protection, Trousers, Overall and Gaiters or Boots 3000.

Weight 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs. (Waistcoat 20/30 Model 5000, M/2XL).

Size M/2XL, 3XL


Protection against water jets on the front of the legs, the forearms and on the integrated Hand Protection. The neoprene collar seals well against the neck while maintaining freedom of movement. An Overall is always in place, no matter if the operator is climbing on ladders or working in narrow spaces. Ideally combined with Waistcoat for upper body protection, Gaiters or Boots 3000 for foot protection and Balaclava for better comfort. The overall can also be suited with Ventilation.

Weight 3.3 kg / 7.3 lbs. (Overall 20/30 Model 5080, XL).

Art. No. Optional Ventilation 5198000 5040

Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL