Shape Technologies Group Acquires Riverstone Waterjets

Shape Technologies Group Acquires Riverstone Waterjets

Riverstone Pressure Systems (RPS) will join Advanced Pressure Systems (APS) as an integral part of the SHAPE Waterblast Group

KENT, Wash., January 28, 2021 – Shape Technologies Group, Inc. (SHAPE), the world leading supplier of waterjet technology and ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) manufacturing process solutions has completed the acquisition of Riverstone Waterjets. Riverstone Waterjets will undergo a name and brand update to Riverstone Pressure Systems (RPS), joining Advanced Pressure Systems (APS) as an integral member of SHAPE’s Waterblast Group.

RPS, headquartered in Leduc, Alberta, is a leading supplier of high-pressure products, a hose assembly center, and a service and rental center for tooling, pumps, and automation in Canada. The acquisition of RPS, and its incorporation of the existing APS Canada business in Eastern Canada, significantly broadens SHAPE’s ability to provide elevated service across Canada through additional local technicians and on-hand inventory, allowing for optimized delivery and support to the waterblast industry as well as the wider oil and gas and industrial marketplace.

“SHAPE is dedicated to delivering the absolute best customer experience. The acquisition of Riverstone Waterjets and re-branding efforts tied to APS are an act of continued commitment to that promise,” says Brendan Shackelford, President of APS. “The added capacity, support, and expertise will allow us to continue to rapidly deliver parts from coast to coast in Canada, ultimately improving uptime for our customers, while offering competitive products and pricing.”

The acquisition means all APS products sold in Canada will be transacted in Canadian dollars, and cross-border shipments from APS to the SHAPE Canadian customer base will be alleviated. “With this addition, we are able to better support our Canadian customers across SHAPE while expanding our comprehensive waterblast product offerings,” says Tim Fabian, vice-president of marketing for SHAPE. “We are excited to add RPS to the SHAPE family of innovative brands.”

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to leverage the core strength of the APS product brand combined with Riverstone’s expertise in delivering hose assembly; pump and automation rentals; and safety training to the Canadian market. Together, we plan to set a new standard for the delivery of high-pressure products across Canada,” says Mike Hubbard, founder of Riverstone Waterjets and general manager of RPS.

RPS will continue to serve industrial cleaning and oil and gas industries in Canada with industry leading ultrahigh-pressure waterblast technology, equipment, and services.

About Shape Technologies Group, Inc.
Shape Technologies Group, Inc. (SHAPE) is the world’s leading developer and provider of ultrahigh-pressure process solutions for advanced manufacturing and materials processing applications. SHAPE companies deliver innovative manufacturing process solutions to customers spanning 100 countries and a broad array of industries. SHAPE subsidiaries include KMT Waterjet, Dynamic Robotic Solutions, H2O Jet, Flow International Corporation, Aqua-Dyne, Tech-Con Automation, Advanced Pressure Systems (APS), ProJet, TOPS, and Aquarese Industries. For more information, visit

About Advanced Pressure Systems
Advanced Pressure Systems, (APS), is a leading waterblasting provider offering the widest range of pressures, pumps, and parts via their APS, Aqua-Dyne, and Flow brands – all designed and backed by industrial solution engineers. APS pairs unmatched industry expertise with genuine commitment to deliver first-rate, personalized service and support across the US and Canada. For more information, visit

About Riverstone Pressure Systems
RPS provides the Canadian market with high pressure industrial cleaning product solutions. With rapid expansion into the oil and gas markets of Alberta and norther British Columbia, RPS offers innovative solutions and local support across Canada.

Riverstone Waterjets High pressure Cleaning

Riverstone Waterjets brings European 3-day safety training course to Canada.

Riverstone Waterjets hosted their first three-day High Pressure Water Jetter (HPWJ) Courses in Leduc, Alberta for a customer that provides manpower to Industrial Cleaning Contractors. Over two classes, 18 staff members were trained by Arian Van Den Honnard of Derc Salotech and Keith Tellier of Riverstone Waterjets Ltd.

Arian Van Den Honnard is the head of training at Derc Advies, the Derc Salotech Training School, that is based on the outskirts of Rotterdam in Holland. For more than nine years, Arian has traveled the world delivering the Derc HPWJ course in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Russia, Turkey, and many more countries in between.

Keith Tellier joined Riverstone Waterjets Ltd. more than a year and a half ago to head up the service and Hammelmann rentals division. He came to us with 8 years of hands-on experience and vast product knowledge, having been a contractor involved in industrial cleaning at pretty much all the major plants, refineries and mines of western Canada’s oil patch with BC Masterblasters (subsequently Envirosystems, and now due to its recent purchase, known as Terrapure).

Together, Arian and Keith taught the same course that is taught in Benelux region of Europe (Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg). In this area of Europe, it is required by law that anyone picking up a high-pressure hose in a commercial activity must be registered with SIR, the overseeing regulatory body.

In class sizes no larger than 10 people, each morning was spent in the classroom defining and understanding: roles and responsibilities, duties of care, certification of in-use equipment, inspection, testing, preparation and execution of high-pressure water jetting activities. The afternoons were spent getting hands on with the high-pressure pumps, automation, tools, and safety equipment that allows jobs to be performed in a safe and competent manner.

The focus of the class is based around a decision tree that requires the student to approach every task with the idea that the task should be done in a fully automated manner with the worker outside of the immediate work environment. While this is the ideal situation, it is not always possible. As the waterjetter mentally descends the decision tree, towards a more involved way of completing the task, the waterjetter must be able to identify all the extra precautions that they must put in place in order to complete the task with the least amount of risk added to the job.

In Europe, at the end of the course, an outside and wholly independent examiner from SIR will come in and set a theory and practical exam, with no same day resits allowed.

While we are not yet in the position to facilitate this level of external oversight, and we wish to make clear that Riverstone is in no way associated with the SIR. We feel it is important that we work closely with Derc Salotech’s training school, as they have been one of the leaders in Europe graduating approximately 7500 students through their HPWJ program. It is a course that thoroughly fulfills the requirements of a third-party curriculum that is the most stringently regulated in the world. We believe that if we are going to teach a training course, that we should aim to deliver the same core principals and fundamentals that underpin the Derc Salotech Advies – HPWJ course.

We are very proud to say that at the end of the two training sessions Arian gave a glowing account of Keith Tellier’s performance and approved Riverstone Waterjets Ltd. as a partner in North America.

If you would like further information regarding Riverstone’s HPWJ course, please email or call Mike or Keith at 780 612 1315.

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